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Vault IT has a track record of providing on-site services to clients across a range of industry verticals through subcontract arrangements. Need us to do the same for you?

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For six years, Vault IT have provided IT services and solutions to enterprises throughout all major cities in Australia. In that time we have worked with large, international organizations with a base in Australia, helping them to deploy IT solutions that simplify their complex and sophisticated structures and processes. We’re constantly improving and refining our operations and we’re committed to surpassing your expectations. Our IT services range from hardware and software sales to virtualization, but we specialize in onsite services. We can provide an IT engineer to your business quickly, wherever you are in Australia. From scheduled visits to reactive on site 24/7 support, we’re your IT solution that is ready when you need us.

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  • How to charge your iPhone’s battery faster

    How to charge your iPhone’s battery faster

    If you’re like most iPhone users, you’ve likely found yourself in the sticky situation where you need to charge your phone quickly, but only have access to a power supply for a short duration. While this can be a high anxiety producing situation for many, there is actually a way to speed up the rate at which your iPhone powers up. Curious to know more? Follow these four steps below to get an extra jolt to your next iPhone charging session. Put your iPhone in Airplane mode The key ingredient to supercharging your iPhone in the shortest amount of time is to switch it to Airplane mode. By doing this, you essentially shut your phone off from the outside world so it’s unable to receive calls, texts, push notifications or other information. Additionally, your iPhone will be unable to search for a wireless network or better signal while in this …
  • Using technology to boost staff efficiency

    Using technology to boost staff efficiency

    Businesses that are winning in today’s marketplace are the ones that make technology work for them, not the other way round. When used correctly, technology can make every task much faster to execute, from communicating with customers to sending messages, gathering information, and more. So if you’re looking to increase staff efficiency, consider the following methods to implement technology into your day-to-day business operations. Change office communication In order to increase efficiency, set up instant messaging software such as Skype on your employees’ workstations. This allows them to send instant messages to correspondents instead of having to get up from their desks to see whether the person is available. Of course, if you need to discuss big projects or issues, face-to-face communication is likely the best choice. But you can simply send a quick message for more trivial conversations, saving precious minutes and allowing you to get more work done. …
  • Now you can backup WhatsApp on Drive

    Now you can backup WhatsApp on Drive

    WhatsApp just got a bit better, with the introduction of integration with Google Drive. The feature, which was added as part of a new release back in April, allows you to backup the contents of the App – meaning your messages and more – to your Drive account, ready to retrieve at a later date should the need strike. It should serve as some reassurance if the thought of losing everything WhatsApp-related gives you the chills. Here are the facts. The introduction of Google Drive as a backup option within the app will prove a relief in the event that you need to reinstall your existing WhatsApp account – either on your existing phone or a new one. Once activated, a backup takes place at 4am at the frequency selected in your app’s settings; it’s also possible to manually force a backup at the time of your choosing. WhatsApp makes …

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